13 Moon Calendar

The 13 Moon Revelations & Restoration of natural order
by Richard Gerber
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For every one time the earth goes around the sun, the moon goes around the earth 13 times. The Mayans thought that nature had already divided the year into 13 moonths of 28 days. Nature adheres to this natural time; it is worth mentioning that women's fertility cycle averages 28-days following 13-moon cycle. To the Mayans, the number 13 is a special galactic prime number. The Neutrinos from the Sun Also have a 28 day cycle. Gerber Neutrino Matrix Theory  they have been found to effect the decay rate of elements in the earth. There are many linked cycles as seen ClockWork Green the Gerber Clockwork revelations.

Switching from the natural to the unnatural confused women over the day of their monthly cycle and the day of ovulation. It made it more difficult to calculate and compare monthly statistics etc. and it made it easier to deceive.

The 12-month calendar dates back to Babylon. The template is 360 degrees of a flat circle proportioned into 12 subsections of 30 degrees each. This gives us 30-day months. The 12-month model for measuring time fails because a 365-day year divided into 30-day months leaves five extra days. The 13th moon is hidden by the 12-month calendar. In society today the number 13 is surrounded by superstition and is considered evil, unlucky and taboo. Perhaps an attempt by patriarchal management to suppress the power of the feminine and it's love and nurturing nature which prevents war and conflict and promotes harmony. Feminine Resurgence


The introduction of the 12-month calendar and the mechanical clock created an unnatural order and separated humanity from nature and it's natural rhythms. The 13-moon calendar was already in place; created by nature at the dawn of time. In order to survive, humanity must return to living in this natural time.

Being a slave to time inhibits the natural flow of creation. The 40 hour work week, the 9 - 5 day, eating times are all artificial and do not allow one to follow the flow of the natural dynamic systems rather than factory time.

To restore the world to natural order, those of the like mind need to adopt the 13 moon calendar. It would actually save energy because calculating time and dates based on the 12 month calendar requires a volume of additional processor clock cycles and additional calculation and exception handling code. Read more about the 13 Moon Calendar here.

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